Our Programs

Talent Mine Academy programs are focused on two critical areas that can impact the life of a child: Intellectual Stimulation and Life Skills Development.

Private School Scholarship Scheme

Through our Private School Scholarship program, we provide children in low-income communities with access to 12 years of fully-funded quality education (primary and secondary) in private schools. To achieve this, we partner with private individuals and organizations to enrol children from low-income communities to quality private schools in their communities.

Life Skills Enrichment Program

The life skills enrichment program is a 4-month cohort-based program where children from low-income communities are empowered with relevant life skills to transform their mindset so that they can make better life choices. After three months of intensive mentorship, leadership and life skills sessions on self-leadership and community leadership, they spend the last one month developing and implementing a change-making project in their communities. This provides the right balance to the intellectual stimulation that they get from the classroom and raises them to be change-makers in their communities.

Our work so far!

100 Children have been impacted at our Life Skills Enrichment Program
33 Children have access to fully funded 12 years of basic education on our private School Scholarship Scheme.

Be a part of our journey!

We are open to partnering with well meaning individuals and corporate institutions who are passionate about empowering children in low income communities by providing them with access to quality education, life skills, and mentoring. Click the button below to learn more about how you can be a part of this journey.